Introducing Quarterly Express + Software

Our updated e-file software that will alllow for many different return types and access directly to the IRS MeF system. Pleae come back in May for more details on this breakthrough product.

941Express e-File Software

941Express 2014 has been released as of 12/27/2013.  Go to Help in 941Express, then check for updates to download or go to our Softare Downloads page.

940 e-file, 941 e-file and 944 e-file of payroll tax returns with 941Express e-file software.

Free Software Download for all users along with Free PIN registration for Business Taxpayers. Only 7$ per filing (941/including Schedule B). See Business Filers for more detail.

941Express provides easy e-filing of payroll tax returns as defined by the IRS Publication 3823.  This product also can be downloaded for free online, and sampled by Reporting Agents prior to a license purchase.  See Reporting Agents for more detail on licensing options.

941Express 2013 has been updated to include the print version of the 2013 version of the 941 form.  Just click File, Update Print Forms, or update to the latest version of our software. 

941Express 2013 also now supports the Schedule R form for our corporate customers that need to file for multiple EIN's under a single EIN.  File your return with an unlimited number of EIN's for $12.95.

941Express 2013 in July will add support for 941-PR and 941-SS return types for both licensed agents, and business taxpayers.

Existing Features of the Product are:

1.  The only software product on the market that fully supports all of the aspects of a Reporting Agent as defined by Publication 3823.

2.  Fully supports e-file options for forms 940, 941, 941-PR, 941-SS (w/Schedule B and Schedule R) and 944's (940 e-file, 941 e-file, 944 e-file).

3.  941Express supports direct data entry for the creation of payroll tax returns.

4.  941Express also supports batch import of all return types using either Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets, or a Tab Delimited Data Files.

5.  941Express provides the capability of to modify direct entered, or imported returns prior to transmission.

6.  941Express provides a printed PDF copy of all returns, however these are not intended for filing.

7.  941Express currently provides access directly to the IRS EMS system for Reporting Agents.  Future releases will utilize the IRS MEF system for transmission.

8.  941Express can run on any Windows machine including Windows 8.

9. Fully supports the IRS Encryption effort by including the ability to transfer data directly to EMS utilizing Telnet/SSL technology. 



 Supported Software Interfaces:

AdaptaSoft  (CyberPay)

Apex Payroll  (Trilogy)

Execupay   (PlatinumPay)

PayChoice  (PayChoice Payroll/HR and Encore)

Summit Software  (Apex)